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How to create the iOS certificates with our wizard for Apple Store

iOS certificate Wizard

WordPress to app plugin

WordPress to application

To build your iOS application you need a .p12 certificate and a .mobileprovision file.

Using our plugin, you can upload them manually or use the wizard procedure we are providing.

To start click on the iOS tab
Then Check the option “Build for iOS enabled”.

An help box should appear along with a button to start the wizard.

Once you start the wizard three text fields should appear

In the first text field you need to enter an Apple ID associated to your Apple Developer program which usually corresponds to an email address.

In the second text field you need to enter the Apple Issuer ID. It can be found in the AppStore Connect console

In the third text field you must enter a Key ID generated trought the AppStore Connect console

Play Video about how to create app with wordpress
wordpress to app plugin

To generate a Key ID you have to log in into the AppStore Connect console, click on the keys tab and then on the + button of the active keys.

A dialog will open where you need to set the name of the Key ID and the role to assign it to, the role needs to be at least Devloper or Admin. Now click on the generate button and wait a few seconds.

A new row with a generated Key ID will appear, copy it or use the copy button link
Now refresh the page, go back to the key area and you should see a link to download the
API key.

Attention this file must be kept with care as it will not be possible to download it later.
Now paste it into the Key ID field of May Fast App and click the next button.

Now drag the .p8 file you downloaded to the upload area, click the uplod file button and then the generate button.

After a few seconds you should see a notification to confirm that everything went trought.

Remember to save your changes!