app generator

Create the Keystore certificate
for Google Play Store
and the APP package

WordPress to application keystore certificate

In this tutorial we will explain how to generate the Keystore certificate for the Google Play Store and the .APP file to upload to the store.

WordPress to application

In order to produce an APP file for the Play Store, you need to sign it with a Keystore file.

The Keystore file is a certificate that is used to prove that the APP being submitted belongs to you and prevents 3rd parties from submitting an app update to the Play Store even if your Google Play account is compromised.
Now let’s see how to generate the Keystore certificate using our plugin wizard.

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wordpress to application

To generate the certificate, select the my fastapp setting menu.
Let’s click on the Android Tab. Now we tick the Build for Android enabled check box.
Now let’s click on the start wizard button.
In the screen that appears, fill in the first field with the email we used to create our Google developer account.

In the second field we insert the keystore alias, here we can insert a fantasy name.
After filling in the fields, click on the GENERATE button now you have to wait a few tens of seconds for our servers to process the request.
At the end I remind you to save the changes and in this case you will also have to click on the publish button.
Your certificate has now been generated and automatically loaded into the plugin.

Now you can generate the package which you will then upload to the Google Play Store.
To do this you have to click on the My FastAPP DOWNLOAD BUILDS menu.
Here you see an already present package generated in a previous demonstration.
To create our new build we click on the create build button.
This way the build will be queued on our servers.

This phase can take a few minutes as our servers are creating all the dependencies needed to deploy the build.
in the meantime we can go and check the developer’s email box.
We find an email with the generated certificate data and the link to download it locally.
Attention it is important to keep this data that you will need to eventually update the app.

ATTENTION if you lose them you can no longer modify your APP.

Also you can use this certificate to generate other apps.
A good tip is to have a certificate for every open Google Play Store.
Now let’s go back to our site and check if the build is complete by clicking on the refresh button.
Your build is ready you can click on the download symbol and download it.
Keep in mind that you will receive a zip file so you will have to unzip it and extract the .app file this file will then be uploaded to your Google Play Store.