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The easyest way to transform your WordPress website in an iOS and Android app.

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We offer a fast and inexpensive solution to develop an app

Mobile apps are extremely useful for e-commerce because they simplify the shopping experience for smartphone users.

Unfortunately, hiring a developer to build your app takes a lot of time and money.

This is where My FastAPP comes in.

Our platform will help you turn any WordPress site into a mobile app.

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Get your business to app stores quickly and conveniently.

wordpress to app plugin

Use your wordpress site and your content.

wordpress to app plugin

No skills are needed to create your "mobile app", no code and no hassle

My FastAPP is the most trusted service for your business and success in the global app environment


You don’t need to know any programming language You just need to know how to use WordPress

Ready to enter the world of APPs?

With My FastAPP you finally have the control you need to configure your Application. with our app builder plugin you don’t have to write code.

My FastAPP allows you to easily create an online shop or an appointment diary with reminders for any type of business.

You can streamline your task management using the power of push notifications.

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How to Your App Builder Works?

My FasAPP allows you to create an app in minutes from any WordPress site.

Here are just some of the possibilities: WooCommerce, Membership, Appointments, Podcasts, Guided Tours, Loyalty, Sporting Events, non-profit apps and much more.

Create an app for: events, organizations, shops, companies or small business all based on WordPress.

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Install the Plugin

Search “My FastAPP” in the WordPress plugin repository and download for free the plugin to create your Apps.

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Settle base features

From our app builder plugin. Choose the title and colors of your App. Configure the menu, icon and home screen. Configure the parameter to upload your app to the stores Apple / Android.

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Check your progress on smartphone

Frame the QR code generated from the plugin with your smatphone and check immediately how your App looks and respondes. With the MyLiveViewer system you can share your project with anyone you want.


Our Pricing Table

This Appino application delivers the most trusted services for your bussin ess to succeed in the global app environment Lorem ipsum dolor

Personal APP

Great for starting your project
per License
  • License for 1 APP
  • Updates for 1 year
  • Support for 1 year

Business APP

Ideal for freelancers
per License
  • price from 3 APPs to 10
  • Updates for 1 year
  • Support for 1 year

Professional APP

Web Agency Bundle
per License
  • License from 11 APPs
  • Updates for 1 year
  • Support for 1 year

App builder is available for all devices

My Fast APP is for anyone who needs an app for their business, or for those working with customers.

You don’t need any mobile app development experience, if you can setup a WordPress site, you can build an App.

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