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App My Site - how to convert your website into a beautiful app

As technology continues to evolve, the dynamics of doing business have changed significantly.

Research shows that 80% of shoppers use their smartphones to find information about stores, products and services online.

By 2021, the number of smartphone users worldwide is expected to increase to 3.8 billion.

This means that more and more users prefer mobile devices for online shopping.

While a digital presence is essential, building your business around a responsive website will no longer cut it.

Mobile apps are more user-friendly, have built-in features, and offer significantly higher added value in terms of customer loyalty and branding.

Our plugin is perfect as a wordpress app builder

When you choose to develop a mobile app, you give your customers a better way to interact with your brand.

Mobile apps provide your customers with a more interactive experience. With just a few clicks, users can quickly access the information they need.

Gone are the days when email marketing techniques failed.

Now your users get instant updates on promotions, product launches and offers. Use push notifications and in-app notifications to spread important information unobtrusively. You can even increase brand loyalty among your user base with attractive coupons and offers.

Customers rarely visit a website on a regular basis. On the other hand, mobile apps keep appearing on the screen. This results in higher brand awareness than any other traditional marketing tool. WordPress app builder is the solution.

WordPress app builder

With My FastAPP many native APPs have been created using a WordPress site as a basis. Many web agencies use our plugin to get native APPs from their WordPress sites quickly and easily. Our plugin helps businesses improve their online branding.

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WordPress app development

Convert WordPress site to Native mobile App.
Sync your WordPress website and app, and display all your content on both Android and iOS smatrphones.

  1. Blog / News
    Publish your blog posts or site feeds in the app to seamlessly update your customers with the latest news. You can select the categories and tags to show only in the APP or only in the WordPress site.
  2. Events
    Update your community with the events you have scheduled.
  3. Push notifications
    Directly communicate new offers, local events and new products or services; using push notifications sent directly to your users.
  4. E-commerce
    sell your products directly from your app using a single Woocommerce platform.